This Tuesday, December 16, MagicStay won the 2019 Business Travel Laurel in the Traveler’s Safety category. The award comes less than a month after the People’s Choice Award received in Miami at the Phocuswright Conference.

Two distinctions that reinforce the positioning of MagicStay and cement its status as a key player in Business Travel and Mobility, acquired in just over 5 years.

Responsible for the safety of their employees, both in the workplace and during their professional trips, companies place a high value on the means put in place in this area by their providers.

After developing solutions to ensure the safety of travelers during short trips, business travel, now offers new solutions to ensure equivalent protection for employees on long missions or expatriates.

As a result, these employees, who often did not have the same traceability tools and were off the company’s radar, now enjoy the same guarantee.

From now on, apartment bookings for stays of several months (expatriation or long missions) will be communicated to the security actors retained by the company using the services of MagicStay, as is already the case for the business traveler.

A successful development

MagicStay now offers more than 600,000 homes worldwide (professionally managed apartments or villas, or apartments for short or long term).

Since its inception in 2013, MagicStay has 2000 awards:

  • 2014 Silver Medal of the best e-commerce hopefuls at Favor’i,
  • 2015: Best BtoB Company Award at The Business Travel Laurels
  • 2016 Univ’AirPlus 2016
  • 2017: Innovation Business Offer Trophy

The company concludes the end of 2019 with two new prices that are sure to interest large groups looking for alternatives to professional, secure hotels.