Companies are increasingly using team building to create bonds within their teams or to strengthen them in order to increase well-being. So many companies organize trips or activities to encourage employees to get to know each other and collaborate. But what are the best activities to unite a team and why?


  • Well organized activities

The team building process is used frequently when a new team is created. The company will then organize events so that each person gets to know each other. Thus, most often in the context of seminars, the management will organize activities conducive to the rapprochement between colleagues. Whether you want to go abroad (skiing, sea, mountains, etc.), have fun in the evening (bar, nightclub, show etc) or do activities (excursions, Escape Game, MBTI, etc), companies and agencies are full of imagination to strengthen the bounds between employees and create a real team cohesion.

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  • Team spirit is formed by creating bounds

It is well known that to form a united group you have to build bonds between your employees. Companies have understood these issues that directly impact the productivity of employees at work. Today, we can see a significant increase in companies specializing in well-being. An employee who feels good with his colleagues will often be more productive.

The case of the Escape Game can be taken as an example. This strategic team game that consists of escaping from a place in a given time is very popular with companies for team building. Employees think and have fun together to find out how to escape through hidden clues in the room. In addition, managers observe and analyze the behavior of players to determine the roles that each may occupy during a project.