City of wonders, renowned both for its beauty and its historic heritage, the Czech capital attracts more and more visitors.

And with the economic expansion of the country, the city also became a business destination.


On a business trip to the Bohemian capital, you also want to discover it?


1 – Visit the Castle district


As its name suggests, this district surrounds the former residence of Czech kings and emperors of the Holy Roman Germanic Empire. Nowadays, it is the residence for the presidents of the republic.

To find it, simply raise your head. You can’t miss it.

In addition to being magnificent, it offers a gorgeous, panoramic view of the city.


2 – The Charles Bridge


If there are numerous bridges over the Vltava River, this one is the most famous. It connects the old town to the Mala Strana and the Castle district. Named after the king Charles the 4th, you can’t visit Prague without going there.


3 – The Jewish district


The history of this part of town is long and complicated. It is a symbol of persecution across the centuries, but also a legendary place (this is where the “Golem” is supposed to have been created), it offers many interesting sites for tourists, for the architecture of synagogues to the unique cemetery.


4 – Seeing the Astronomical Clock


If you see a crowd, looking up to a clock when the hour is about to change, on the old town plaza, then you’re right where you’re supposed.

Every hour, the clock (dating from the Middle Age) animates itself to make the automates move. It’s your job to recognize whom they represent.


5 – The municipal house


Building in Art Nouveau style, it was the site of many historic events.


6 – The “Dancing House”


True architectural surprise on the banks of river, this building offers on the roof ( accessible as a bar customer) the most beautiful panorama of the city.


7 – Get lost

Prague is a small city. So you can go anywhere by foot, if the weather allows. Walk through its streets randomly. You will admire the diversity of architectures while strolling around the city.


8 – Discover the local gastronomy

Czechs have their own gastronomic heritage that can be discovered inexpensively. Indeed restaurants are very affordable in general, away from the tourist places.


9 – Have a beer


As for the food, it ‘s really cheap. And above all, it is very tasty! But be careful not to drink too much…


10 – Rent an apartment


To explore the city, staying in an apartment in the very center is the best solution . This will save you money while making no concessions on comfort.

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